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Winter Sounds

Photo exhibition from nemgraph

《 Application period : Until 2020.1.10. 》

Winter photo exhibition

《 2020.1.15 - until it gets cold 》

During the submission period from 2019.11.16 to 2020.1.10, 30 works will be selected from the works submitted to the “Beautiful winter sounds" photo exhibition and the photo exhibition page will be published on the official website. You can apply for the photo exhibition with free works such as snow and nature that image winter, Christmas, New Year's Eve, New Year, winter delicious food, recommended winter coordinates, overseas winter season, winter events, etc. Apply with a free theme. (The photo exhibition application period is until 2020.1.10.)

30 photo contests

《 Photo Exhibition ~ 2020.1.20 》

A voting-style photo contest by nemgraph users will be held from the 30 works selected as “Beautiful winter sounds”, and each prize including Grand Prix will be decided. Winter photo exhibition and photo contest by nemgraph. Warm communication by conveying impressions. (The photo exhibition application period is until 2020.1.10.)

Event Details


Posting period : 2019.11.16-2020.1.10 PM23: 59

Photo exhibition period : 2020.1.15 - until it gets cold 🙂

Photo Contest Voting Period : Photo Exhibition ~ 2020.1.20 PM23: 59


RiNG post with the specified tag in nemgraph

1. TAG:『WPC2020』

2. RiNG posting is required

Nemgraph is a system that displays RiNG posts on the timeline of everyone registered in Nemgraph, so an equal review of submissions is expected regardless of the number of followers. Therefore, RiNG submission is mandatory.
Posts without the tag “WPC2020” will not be accepted for this contest. Nemgraph allows you to re-edit posts so you can add them later even if you forget to put in the specified tag.
RiNG is required to make the first examination equal. Can’t RiNG without xem = If you can’t enter the contest, please talk to ENU@ nemgraph. We will send about 10 xem of application xem per person (2 applications). By the way, since it is completely understood whether there is really no xem, whether it is complicated, etc., please ask within the scope of common sense.
The posting period is from “2019.11.16 to 2020.1.10 PM23: 59”. Only works submitted during this period will be eligible for the photo exhibition. Please note that all past posts with a tag will be invalid.
アセット 7xxxhdpi


3000xem + nemgraph original postcard set

アセット 8xxxhdpi


1000xem + nemgraph original postcard set

アセット 9xxxhdpi


2 winners :500xem each


All reviews are done by user votes.

[ Judge 01 ]:Photo exhibition hosted by the top 30 photos that received many “likes” in posts in nemgraph.

[ Judge 02 ]:Each award is determined by the number of votes voted by nemgraph users for the 30 items exhibited in the photo exhibition.

Yes. However, this time the selection will be divided into the first and second trials. Feel the management’s desire to evaluate all users’ works as equally as possible 🙂
As a result of eliminating the possibility of acquiring the number of followers such as Twitter and the number of votes on the network that the person has, each award was decided by voting only for nemgraph users. Any nemgraph user can vote, but only one vote can be voted per person. The vote will be answered in the form on the page.
The 30 selected points will be determined by the votes of nemgraph users who have seen the “photo exhibition in winter”, not limited to the number of likes so far.
Yes, not just nemgraph users, anyone who can access this page can see, but non-nemgraph users can not vote. Also, everyone cannot see the number of votes for each work.

Giveaway Details

What is "XEM"
script_nem_w_ のコピー

The premium unit “xem” is a currency unit in the cryptocurrency “NEM” using blockchain technology. There are many places where you can use xem to receive services (pay instead of yen) when shopping or eating with xem. It can also be converted into Japanese yen at domestic cryptocurrency exchanges.

※You can check at for more information on cryptocurrency "NEM"


nemgraph original postcard set

A set of nemgraph original design postcards and frame frames using 30 images selected in the first screening in "Beautiful winter sounds". Every postcard is designed with a QR to post, so you can keep track of your winter memories. (Images are under development, design and specifications are subject to change.)


What is "nemgraph"

nemgraph ( is a next-generation SNS created using the cryptocurrency NEM based on blockchain technology. We offer a variety of added value not found in conventional SNS, such as NEM blockchain technology for postage photo ownership certification and tipping by NEM. Registration is easy and anyone can get started immediately without any understanding of the blockchain.

Please read

・This contest will comply with the terms of use of Please read it. ・If there is any secondary use of images or theft of works in all posts in the account, even if the winning work is not violated, the eligibility to participate in this contest will be cancelled. Nemgraph asks you to use it with common sense. ・To confirm the identity of each prize, a direct message will be sent to the Nemgraph account. Please note that the winnings may be canceled if we cannot contact you for a return. ・The winning works may be used for Nemgraph advertisements including this site. The winner will be confirmed with the winner, but the selection result will not change depending on the response.


Winter Sounds

Photo exhibition from nemgraph​